Financial markets and the commodity market specifically are always dynamically moving, and you can find up-to-date info for each product on the trading platform you will choose to trade.

Have a belief in how the oil price will move? Want to speculate on silver or gold? With Blackstone500, you can dive deeper into a variety of natural resources. Like all Blackstone500 products, you are allowed to trade commodities as a spread bet or a CFD.


Even if you chose to have more than one account with Blackstone500, you pay only the spread to trade commodities in the account you are trading at the moment. We are offering detailed pricing, and you will have even the smaller price movements, giving you a high level of accuracy on Oil and Gas.


If you chose to trade on margins, you would have higher access to the market. Margin requirements depend on the asset you decided to trade. On your trading platform, you will find updated margin requirements.


At the moment there are no overnight Financing costs on energy assets like oil and gas. Gold and silver are hot products, so financing charges apply if you keep your position open after 5:00 PM ET.


With Blackstone500’s energy assets, your trading hours are based on the underlying market—just like your prices. You can open and close trades during the week, before the weekend closing.


Oil and gas contracts expire monthly, typically a day before First Notice or when the underlying market contracts expire. So, you should manage your positions before the contract is expired and your positions are automatically closed.